In most cases a mild form of diarrhea accompanies normal menstruation, as a result of the general congestion vs of the pelvic organs.

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It is claimed that about the twenty per cent, of cases of hemorrhage break through into the ventricles, or exjcur originally from ventricular blood vessels. Should nothing dosage flow through the needle it may yet be in a gaseous cavity, and a flame may ignite escaping gas, or the handle of the needle may be put under sterile water and bubbles of gas be seen traversing it. After the removal of all stones and fragments a "mentax" rubber tube is passed into the gall-bladder, the gall-bladder drawn up around the tube by a purse-string suture, and the bladder sutured to the abdominal aponeurosis. I simply cite "over" these as a few of the tricks the enemies of medical legislation use The press club sent men into every county in the state to see physicians personally, telling them all kinds of stories, inducing them to sign dispatches to the Governor and legislators the day before the vote was taken, telling them they had a substitute bill which was better and had the endorsemeut of the Medical Board, and that the other was a fight made by Milwaukee physicians. The differential diagnosis between arthritis, say of the knee joint, and of synovitis, the disease with which it is most frequently confounded, brings No fluctuation, capsule not thick Joint outline enlarged and obliter Joint outline clear and distinct: online.

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