The monkey is the nearest approach to man of the animals experimented on, and plague-infected food certainly gives plague to the monkey (online). Lately there have been the bacteriological researches of the "scabies" Portuguese Commission and those of Dr. Broad irrigation means the distribution of sewage over a large surface of ordinary agricultural land, having in view a maximum amount of growth of vegetation (consistently with due purification) for the amount of Filtration means the concentration of sewage at short intervals for on an area of specially chosen porous ground as small as will absorb and cleanse it; not excluding vegetation, but making the produce of secondary importance. In none of the cases observed at the hospital did there appear to be any oedema of the face, which has been noted as a common symp torn by most authorities; neither could it be determined that the face had the anxious or stupid appearance which Stiles' speaks of: kill.

In parts of this specimen papillomata may be seen still attached to the mucous membrane, hut with a red ring round their base (permethrin).

It is pointed out that transfusion also results in stimulation of the bone marrow and that it is a measure not serious in itself and which can be frequently repeated (instructions). Dyspnoea, stridor, and sucking-in exist in both the cases, and therefore careful examination should always be made as to the cause, in order to institute antisyphilitic treatment without important, because, except for certaui tertiary lesions and cicatricial stenoses, syphilitic affections of the larynx yield very readily to specific treatment. If common salt is employed it is detected buy by the extra amount of chlorine in the water, shown by the nitrate of silver test. Does - corroborative of this reasoning, there are found in tabes irregular and scattered patches of anaesthesia occurring frequently on the soles of the feet and in a narrow band encircling the waist. Where - the authorities who omit all reference to syphilis as a cause of chorea far outnumber those who do make mention of it. As a rule, however, the infections were much more resistant than topical is the case in similar infections in this country. Hepatic and lice splenic dulness disappear, and leucocytosis may be present. W J Morrish potamia can and the Turco-Persiar Frontier. This is as true of the portal as of all lsung other veins. Experiments in ulcus serpens indicate that any temperature ten minutes treated has no beneficial effect whatever. There are only a few teeth left in the upper and kills lower jaws. It will bo remembered that one of the lecommendatlons adopted at the general meeting of the Fellows you and Members held at tiw Collega last March was to the effect that the President riioold be eleoted by the Fellows generally, and not exdndrely by the Coondl as heretofore. Recurrent cases as a rule demand operation biomo sooner or later, especially when the attacks have been repeated frequently and are separated by shortening intervals.

The abdominal veins may be distended: spray. The pain during this time has been very slight in character, and of very short auration, in fact, they only last two or three seconds at the most, and are generally as transient as the passage of the electric spark (lotion). Occasionally there is observed every evidence of an old perisplenitis, the peritoneal covering of the spleen exhibiting opaque yellow patches; at the same time there are found numerous adhesions of the organ to the type diaphragm,. The stools are frequent and variable as to character, often semidigested, with aggravation after otc food, exercise, etc. In early period oi the disease: counter.


Many cannot lie down without much distress australia and are therefore better with their clothing on. At how least sometimes are seemingly inconsiderable particulars.