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The translators have placed the physiological public under great obligations for the prompt and able manner with which they have responded to the intimation given them, and we earnestly hope they may receive such encouragement as to induce them to persevere in the task they have undertaken (pain). Reducing - " What shall I give the patient to eat?" is a question asked, perhaps, as often as any in the sick room, and it is not always easy to determine what is best in each individual case, and if stated, is quite often forgotten by the" The diet should be plain, simple and nourishing. The peritoneum was reached in and pushed off from the posterior wall of the abdomen until the iliac and abdominal vessels could be palpated.

The fastidious taste and weakened stomach turn in disgust from what may be the most appropriate nourishment, often compelling doctor and relief nurse to seek some other which may be less suitable and less easily provided.