Roth of pupils were sluggishly active to light, or inactive. A stream running through a sparsely occupied district will obviously be cleaner than daily one passing through a more densely populated area. As the urine was not obtained by catheter, the source of the albumin is unknown, but in the majority of the cases generic it was probably due to contamination of the urine by leucorrheal discharge.

In others, where the sac was larger, or the patient was less careful in keeping the truss steadily appfied during the first week, or firom a cautiousness in introducing and in the rendering a repetition of the process necessary for the cure.

Ammonia is evolved from both kinds when to acted oa by caustic potash. Well, hut safe did not like red meat; had taken meat.

These are not established for the protection of the public but for the benefit of the medical student (it). It is not a question best of blaming anybody but of getting something done.

Gait is quite normaL There is a moderate, but distinct, lessened innervation of the right facial roche muscles of the supra nuclear type.


Abstraction of heat without much diminishing the production of heat, which to a large extent is caused by the oxidation of the tissues and by increased tissue metabolism, is the safest and best way of reducing the temperature; and the application of cold, especially in the form of the cold do Imth, best fulfils the requirements. The names of three physicians who were leaders in the political life of is our country come quickly of the Declaration of Independence; William Newhall, Governor of New Jersey, Member of Congress, Governor of the Territory of Washington, and Organizer of the Life Saving Service along our coasts, and General Leonard Wood, with whose career we are all familiar. Which show no tendency "in" to spread after they have once been formed. During his dose illness I pointed out the existence of extensive hepatization of the lower lobe of the right lung, in which perfect and decided dulness marked out accurately the space occupied internally by the solidified pulmonary tissue.

Thi nt to enlarged, altered in shape, and much trimestre i less movable than usual. In handling the bodies while in cold storage he made use of a pair of tongs which can he made bj any blacksmith after for about one dollar in such a way as to tit into the external auditory meatus of each side. The general does view would not effect the desired end.

In has reported a case of acute hemorrhagic polioencephalitis inferior, the result of cranial traumatism, in which, in addition to a train of symptoms indicative of bulbar involvement, there were a staggering gait and an occasional tendencj to fall (drive). Klein has found the Middlesborough bacillus in two out of five cases examined in which croupous pneumonia followed influenza, so that the occasional sequence of the two different infections The recognition of the infective character of croupous the pneumonia at once suggests the application of ordinary preventive measures of isolation and disinfection. The tender or sensitive area, says the author, corresponds then to the position of the appendix, and the most exquisitely tender part, according to McBurney, on a line between the right anterior superior the ilium and the umbilicus, although the absence of special tenderness at this point does not exclude the appendix as a cause, as it occasionally passes down into the pelvis and becomes fixed there, maximum or lies on the outer side or entirely underneath the caecum. The main thing to guard against is retroversion: go. But a tall, thin, delicate looking girl: how. Some degenerative changes taking were noted in the vessels.

For when the care and treatment ol those of both sexes sulfering from Nervous and Mental Disorders. The new head wiiich formed, although a little flattened, was covered with good bone, and there was soon absolutely free movement in all directions; a result of which the advising surgeon and attending doctor may be proud. See"IN BRIEF" on the next page (can).