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However, the hope behind this experiment of these qualified independent examiners is that their opinion wall carry roche so much weight with the court and jury that eventually no attempt will be made to refute their opinion. He predicted that the discovery last year of a low-cost method for the production of cyclopropane by the Purdue Research Foundation ultimately would lead to a more widely spread application of this gas and in surgical anesthesia, to the greater benefit of suffering humanity.

The members of the standing committee on Medical Education and Hospitals shall be for members ex officio of this committee. At present, with the exception of between the City Board of Health of New York City, the test is being used only in hospitals and private laboratories, where the charges for making the examination must necessarily be almost prohibitive to the general practitioner, who hesitates to incur the extra expense for his patient, thus groping blindly, when the patient, future generations, as well as the taxpayers, should have the benefit accruing from this modern method To the general physician for whom the complement fixation test has become a practical diagnostic necessity, and who has not access to a good laboratory, the board of health laboratory is the rationl solution of this problem.