Chisolm, in closing the discussion, said that formerly he had been in favor of abscission, but that now he considered an injured eyeball, whether from operation or from accident, a can source of great danger. Peacock, MD or Mount Holly Bernard A. And inject into is tlie rectum three times a day. Louis, Allen and Doisy have isolated a hormone from the liquor of the ovarian follicle, which will reproduce the rutting period in animals that have been spayed: express. But in the painting in the palace of Nimrod at Xineveh, disinterred by Layard and supposed to be But farther l)ack than oven those distant times, in the ages where autiientic history merges into the snort shadowy light, amidst which myth and fable mingle with the real, we find this noble animal figuring, but tlun exalted into a semi-human sphere. By the vapours which come over into the first vessel and afterwards into the second, the contents of these vessels are successively brought to the boiling point (to). The salivary glands we should see secreting saliva; the stomach glands gastric juice; the pancreas pancreatic with jmco; the liver bile; the lachrymal gland excreting tears; the skin glands sweat; the kidneys urine I the glands of the mucous surfaces the fluid excretions of the bronchial passages and of the intestinal canah Shail any derangement take place in these systems of glands Iba effect on the body is, of necessity, marked in various ways and forms of disease. Vant mit, is used as a poison for killing tigh add hinle (buy).

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