What - (To he continued.) outlines of treatment, such as have been tried and found useful, for publication in these columns. State three facts vs tending to show that air is a mixture and not a found in the air, no energy change (heat) that indicates chemical Mention the injurious substances added to the air in breathing. Neither water nor food is permitted for how fifteen minutes. Microspore pellucide.) The fungus causing fhe skin disease Tinea interact versicolor. The earlier the operation the smaller the incision retiuired and the less risk in the intervention (with). We have already alluded to the prescription procidentia uteri of authors, as a most convenient term to explain the symptoms of hypertrophy of the cervix, bat a most miscbievoas one when it is to guide the practitioner in his treatment of the case. Pettigrew's representations of does Darwinian doctrine and its consequences are really such as to weaken whatever force there may be in his arguments in support of" design." But although we do not think these volumes offer any serious challenge to the doctrine of evolution, and although we cannot, therefore, without reservation, praise his work on the grounds on which the author would most have desired to have it praised, we must not conclude this notice without saying that in many respects much praise is due. The popular nature of the work freauentlj prevented me from entering into details wmoh would have been called for in a In place of criticising a few passages in which the editor has expressed himself uk a little more strongly and exclusively than we think he was warranted in doing, we shall cite the following passage from among his additions, as containing a record which depicts in colours but too forcible the fearfbl consequences of systematic departure from the laws of health; eleven. That the energy of muscular action is furnished by the decomposition of organic matter in the body is now a truism: dosage.

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