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Inflammation of the liver (hepatitis) should be treated very much the same as congestion of the liver, adding mild stimulants and applying in light applications of mustard and water over the right side. Her to chief complaint was of extreme weakness. " The fore part of the shoulder should afford a comfortable resting placie for the collar and the withers should be strong, well developed, and not too of round.

If after waiting a month or two you get no answer, place it in the hands of a reliable collector for collection, or you may go around after it yourself, if you have the assurance "city" to do so. These foods obtained and consumed in sufficient bulk and in good environment will still produce healthy children (de). The patient with transfusionrelated AIDS acquired her infection with from multiple transfusions of blood products during cardiac surgery performed in Philadelphia.

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He had a stubborn attack which lasted clinically for about three months (can). Drainage was provided for through the perte floor of the mouth. We do not hear of all of them, because they are not reported, and vre can therefore kann form only an approximate idea of the real mortality. Dattelbaum, president of the ich Kings County Medical Society; Dr. NEW ORLEANS MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL tion of Louisiana Rice, with "belize" Reference to Etiology of Beriberi.

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