Cleland confirmed Wise's observations, and has called tne luthors Ernest Black, legal who has made a thorough investigation, states that Cleland's hypothesis is untenable. Traumatism may also act as a predisposing cause by setting up the early stages of inflammation, dilatation of the vessels and congestion, and by leading to an effusion of the blood, thus allowing the cocci in the blood to escape into the dose tissues. On the other hand, leaving tures, zoloft to sort out and destroy those whose out the recent decrease brought about by low vitality would render life to them more the open air treatment and better supervispainful than pleasurable and whose off- ion of the general health, tuberculosis has spring would still further weaken the race, become more prevalent every year. It may well be said that the typical condi- M'Donald believes that the special distribution is produced only when some special tion of the disease and its special intensity for virus acts on a previously damaged liver, in the liver rather indicates the alimentary During pregnancy and the puerperiura we tract as the source of the special exciting know that the liver, as well as other organs, agent, whatever that may prove to be, and due to this fact plus some other active trouble. It is length very common in certain parts of France.

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The urethra was eongenitally deficient, causing a safe frequent dribbling of the urine.

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Take, for example, cat a case in which we have diagnosed intestinal obstruction.

No medical school holds an examination in general subjects, but the General Medical Council and in other qualifying bodies publish lists of examinations which they are willing to accept. The use of chloride of zinc in these cases was by no means novel, but the chief l)oint of interest was the care taken to stop all oozing and to does procure a dry surface before applying the chloride of zinc, as when such applications were made the results were much better. With - between paroxysms he would sometimes secure several hours of sleep, providing he had a comfortable bed.

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