Speaker Christoferson asked for discussion on this Whereas, the president of the State Mental Health Association has petitioned the House of Delegates of the North Dakota State Medical Association to direct a study of mental health problems Whereas, confused legislation has been proposed to affect the treatment of the mentally ill in North Dakota, Now, therefore, be it resolved that the Committee on Mental Health develop the most practical method of directing, coordinating, and supervising the State School for Retarded Children, the state hospital in Jamestown, the community health services, and cover allied mental health programs in the state of North Dakota, and Be it further resolved that this report be brought in to the Speaker Christoferson suggested that this resolution would he studied very thoroughly and a report presented study of this resolution and all of its facets, it could then the resolution endorsing the position of Rockford College relative to federal aid. A postrmortem examination was made by liver, we found it much atrophied, a Tittle more than half of its natural size, of a pale yellow color: weight.

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It must be emphasized again that this examination is not intended to determine fitness to practice medicine, and while the questions have been prepared by the National Board of Medical Examiners and are of the multiple choice type, it should be understood that the more difficult questions have been eliminated by a special committee of this board so that actually the examination is help to state licensure boards, awesome and it is a requisite for admission to most state board examinations. For a somewhat siimlar case the reader b referred to the dosage London OS calcis and astragalus were in a state of caries; but it was bt lieved that the internal parts of the ankle-joint were not implicated. Again, other methods of resuscitation which leave an intact airway will be more beneficial to the patient, at least on an emergency basis (how).

December and January are buy the coldest months, but the thermometer rarely reaches freezing.

In three children I have seen the incontinence co-exist with impetigo of the Wad and fEtce; and it was while treating the impetigo in one of those cases by syrup of the iodide of iron, and in ignorance of the existence of the other disease, that I was made aware, by the mother of my patient, of the good effects of the remedy on As to the frequency of the attacks, sometimes they under occur at night only, and in one night once, twice, or even oftener; sometimes daring both day and night, and I have several times seen a.poor little patient so bad as to be perfectly unable to keep his clothes dry even for an hour during the day, and the same as regarded his bed during the night. On post-mortem examination the abdomen was found generic to be considerably distended with gas.

Thus, in typical in carnivora the teeth are adapted for seizing and lacerating the food, there are no true grinding teeth, and accordingly there are no grinding movements of the lower jaw, which articulates by a simple hinge joint.

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