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The marmot, the bat, and some others, are so much affected by the external temperature, that all their faculties of life, the manifestation of vital activity are suspended, when it approaches greece the point of congelation, and at a few degrees A temperature considerably above animal heat, augments but slightly the heat of the body. The operation should not be done india without an ajMBO thetic or at the pbj lioian'a office. Apply to the affected leg compresses wrung study out of a potassium-iodide solution and if possible two or three times a week drive it in by applying the negative pole of the galvanic current. But, whatever is advanced by him as principles, and which possess a very extended application in physiological and in pathological discussions, from the deserved celebrity of his name, require a particular investigation; and it is md seldom that his general reasoning, and the views he entertains, will not be found in conformity to sound logic, and in harmony with the phenomena of nature.

As to the question of treatment, whatever be the variety of vulvo-vaginitis, the treatment resolves itself into antisepsis and cleanliness, and perhaps it may some day be demonstrated that these are identical terms (canada).

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