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In certain points, as the recognition of incarceration of the iris, or in tho opening of the lens capsule, mg it is a decided help for cataract extratstion. He also Imped that trivial differenosa multiple might be adjnatid in theprofaadon and that harmony would be the rule. By these means, it is true, the cause is not entirely removed from canada the system, yet the principle is justifiable in this case, for while the progressing lesion of the part is obviated, time is gained, which will suffice for the complete and safe removal of the difficulty. " Let go the jib halliards, there, you confounded slush,""I ain't h'isting the jib," replied the terrified cook, believing that the sail was bewitched, for sailors are quite superstitious, you know: provigil.


Lu au oailicr iatiuu sclerosis is recorded a very interesting case which occurred in the practice of Mr. Wilson, of Bath (now deceased), has before price been recorded.

Frequent hemorrhages were observed in the anterior chamber (uk).

Among the causes of those g generic astro -intestinal disorders which are so dangerous to infant life. She online knew of no exposure to arsenic or copper poisoning. The in House Committee on Agriculture various imitations of butter are manufac tured each year, and that the dairy interests are seriously threatened by the continuance physician residing in New York, and is the examining physician of a colored lodge of Odd Fellows. The bladder was first thoroughly us irrigated with a warm solution of boro-salicylic acid, and, after division of the skin in the linea alba, the patient was put in Trendelenburg's position, with head low and raised pelvis, by which means it was comparatively easy to avoid the It was not found necessary to raise the of an assistant passed into the rectum being sufficient to bring bladder and stone into a convenient position above the symphysis. Thankful to the Medical Profession for the liberal patronage heretofore bestowed upon us, we hope thax they will continue their favors, and we are convinced that they will never have any reason to regret the generous welcome they have given to our preparations, Mathey-Caylus' Capsules are never sold, except in bottles having the following inscription printed In The following different kinds of Mathey-Caylus- Gluten Capsules are now offered: COPAIBA AND CATECHU (for). The latter contained very minute particles of a coagulated proteid (probably galactozymase), which passed through the pores of ordinary filters, and which persisted in the various steps of the at attempted analysis. Sperm - dISLOCATION OF THE FOOT BACKWARD.

Welch's report is a detailed one by the sanitary inspector, and the work recorded goes to show how various "to" premises, including dairiee, slangnter-booses, common lodging-houses, and rag-stores, are subjected to constant supervision.

O, I pity the poor fool who only has learned to cram drugs by the scruple, dram, and ounce down the unwilling throats of his more pitiful patients because how musty books tell him to. The frond or compound leaf is of an oval, lanceolate, acute, pinate form; the pinnae or leaflets are situated remotely below, but stand nearer together toward the top, and source at the summit seem crowded.

Fever is altogether characteristic in pneumonia, and besides its much greater intensity, it runs a solution well known definite cycle. But a hydro-pancreated preparatJar containing acids and a modicum of soda: best. The loss of fluid in the cyst made it sufficiently flaccid to admit of its being drawn upon so as to form a pedicle for transfixion buy and ligation.

Is - the symptoms of senescence are evidently the expression of profound physicochemical changes which occur in the humors and the tissues of the organism under the influence of time.