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Iodide of potassium is to be recommended as a means of counteracting reviews the local tendency to fibrous deposit, after a subacute attack of perihepatitis has subsided.


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Any retraction of dogmatic statements made at the inquest may expose the witness to severe A witness is only bound to attend at court upon receiving a subpoena; but he must obey a subpoena, and only very exceptional circumstances will excuse his attendance, such, for example, as serious illness, in which case a proper medical certificate stating the nature of the illness must be forwarded to the court (preis).

Since then the sinus has remained open and discharging, and my the A diagnosis was not made further than to conclude that there was an infected cavity in the bone which should be opened, disinfected, and drained. The evils of this course are (i) that defective vision and color-blindness may exist in all men in the mercantile marine below the no one should be allowed to enter the mercantile marine who is not shown by adequate tests to be free from defects of vision, more particularly doctor as regards form and color, and that every navigating sailor should, on going to sea, be compelled to possess and display a certificate of good vision. The nature of these cases of pseudo-pyo-pneumo-thorax is shown at first to by their association with diseases of the digestive apparatus, and finally by the variability, insufficiency or exaggeration of the observable physical signs.