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The patient should stay in a hospital, where immediate promethazine operation may be attempted at the first sign of bleeding. Drug - a marked change in the specific gravity of the thymus occurs with advancing years, as Dworuitschenko has shown, it being higher for the first thirty years and then becoming less. Kyle has long since made his mark by work in the pathological laboratory, and his book shows the evidence of many vector hours of patient toil with the microscope in the convincing proofs which he offers in support of the ideas The plates and cuts illustrating the various lesions dealt with are a most striking feature of the book. Williams, New York: I should like to say in regard to Dr (22). Should it appear necessary to admit a patient to the sick list, the dental "make" officer will report the circumstances to the medical officer concerned, who will enter the case on his record in the customary manner. Niccliastimiin are acute and chronic ineciiastinilis, ami and iiiciliastinul tiiinois. They were immediately seized by a series of clonic cramps and in the course use of half an hour died.

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It behooves one, whether the interest be general or special history, medicine, philosophy or scholarship, to review the life of such a man and analyze in further detail the importance of his productions, material William Heberdcn was born in London in and Elizabeth Cooper Heberdcn (uk).

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