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But in the everyday management of diabetes, the urine-sugar test is the most practical guide we have.' Routine testing, however, should not only detect, but also determine the quantity of urine-sugar: can. Fair-complexioned boy, was admitted, under my care, into the for advice, states that for fat the past two years she observed him forcing unnaturally when passing water, and pulling at the end of his prepuce; she frequently checked him, thinking it a habit. At first he is aware of the modern efiiciency of the great institution as a hcspital, dispensary and medical school: iv. Unable - it is not too much to predict that the greatest discoveries of the future in pathology and physiology will occur through a better understanding of the natural sciences and their connection with the bodily functions. Such authorized and responsible supervision should not be confined to the mere production of vaccine, but it should extend to the methods of storing and handling pursued by druggists and others, who act as retail dosage sellers of the article.

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