Operations for the cure of varicoso veins have demonstrated the ease with which a compensatory long balance is attained when the blood is diverted from tho larger channels.

Goodell regards such marriages in the light of frauds practiced of upon unsuspecting men.

We seem driven to tho conclusion that tho entry of oxygeu into tho bloud tlirou;;h thickness of 2mg the alveolar walls. Treatment "will" of active cholelithiasis is now justly very largely abandoned to the surgeon. Transport Officer, British Red Cross Society, Cheshire Branch, only son and of Dr. When deformity has occurred the wrist is generally Hexed, ami the distal ends of the radius and ulna are how enlarged and project backward. Best - farther, a general or constitutional derangement, in a healthy constitution, almost uniformly attends them; and this is indicated in two ways. Geokge RossiTEn (Weston-snpcr-Mare) writes: If ever any one really loved much and enjoyed his profession, both as a science and an art, it was liobert Koxlnirgh. From poor "can" health and crippled m one way or another. A little extra pressure is now exerted so that the bulbous expansion may come in close contact with the work orifice in order to prevent regurgitation of the fluid injected. The second case sleep was fatal from injuries in Open pneumothorax with wound of the lung occurred in five cases, which were treated by suture of the wound and circular fixation of the lung to the aperture in the thorax.


Too - in the cellular texture of the lungs it is seldom formed, in consequence of active inflammation, in circumscribed abscesses, but is gradually infiltrated or diffused through the whole inflamed part. Be - it is a conceded fact that but few medical men have given close study to the effects and action of the mineral waters of this country or are prepared to speak intelligently or advisedly in reference to them. Consequently, Henle's layer to is found represented by horny, polygonal, non-nucleated elements at a much lower level than Huxley's layer.

Struve is of opinion that in summer, river water is preferable to any other; but if this cannot be had, spring or pump water should be suffered to stand all need day exposed to the sun,"that it may acquire a more animating quality by the caloric and oxygen which it thus imbibes." To this may be added, when used by the aged or delicate, a small The constant change of the stratum of water in contact with the body vastly increases the power of the bath in influencing the temperature and stimulating the skin.

Has been taken to include only such "does" as present but a single kind of modification.

For that reason I also observed, that the delinquents who were going to the tree, were generally dressed given in their best apparel. Intranasally - he first describes the symptoms in a case of intraperitoneal hemorrhage following the rupture of an ectopic gestation.

The renal pelvis was teva irrigated, the wound sutured, and the organ fixed in place. Instead of attaching the extension brace to the leg piece it may be made to pass way under a pulley in the interior of the knee. Vs - wounds ol the mescuterj' were a frequent cause of serious The gravest wounds of the abdomen, apart from severe baemorrhages, were those of the large intestine. That was a satisfactory state of affairs, but, unfortunately, both in Great Britain and in Ireland, owing to various loopholes in the law as to for vaccination, a largo proportion of the population was at the piesent time unvaccinated. This has been continued once a week for five or six weeks and under it, the erosion has healed, the bleeding has ceased, and the patient is advancing safely to her term: act.

-a parachute physician, and as the symptoms were somewhat obscure, a diagnosis had not been made; but it was surmised that a fracture of the olecranon process had taken place.