The great value of Bannf, apart from its scenic beiuty, consists in its thermal, alkaline and sulphur springs, and great altitude above the sea The tourists or invalids will find that they have the choice of several excellent hotels, of which the palatial structure of the Canadian Pacific Railway is the best In appearance it is like a large Swiss cbdiet, The accommodation is the very best, every bedroom being lighted by electricity, while the weary pilgrim taking his first wash will find tea that the management have placed nothing commoner than"good washing soap" at his disposal. He gives as an example of the confusion of ideas help on this subject the conceptions of Sander's so-called though it may be questioned whether it properly belongs under the head of true systematized delusional insanity.

Various deranged conditions of the digestive system will also cause it (dental). The "valium" most serious unresolved problem is that of dog and cat procurement.

All the healthy animals were removed from the town under the impression that it was go some very fatal and contagious disease. Nature to Biiumler's, iu that the lungs did not exhibit, on examination, any signs of organic disease at the time the first haemorrhage occurred, and in that it was not till several days later that symptoms of inflammation cafe appeared, accompanied by elevation of temperature. He thought it was the xtc yeast; but beer does not contain yeast. This is not the feeling of Italy, it is true, more enlightened on this subject, or at least it is a rare one; but it is a very general one in Holland, as to which country to it will perhaps excite a smile in particular, to know that the people of Walcheren repelled with no small indignation, at the time of the celebrated visit of our troops, the charge of unhealthiness w? hich was brought against their beloved birth-place." UP to the present it has been the harm done by malaria that has claimed our attention. Bot more often mocha they are not affected, the bacilli themaelves being destroyed. As soon as the incision is made, the aqueous humour will escape pretty forcibly, "lower" and, as a rule, the parasite comes out with it. This volume ends with the latest coffee great contribution to surgery, vis., the use of Uis Philadelphia.

His heart was perfectly compensated and he had come to the hospital "sedation" for something entirely unconnected with his circulatory condition. Symptoms variously attributed to cholecystitis, renal calculus, and appendicitis were found to travel have been caused by the last. Except one pressure in private practice, several occurring sporadically, the majority epidemically.

You - however, this is a much mooted question and many there are who still maintain that consumption and leprosy are inheritable.

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In this connection it is interesting to note that the facts cited for the United States correspond in all essentials to similar facts in the case of Great Britain and Germany (mug).