Tlie urine was latte practically negative. The sole remedy would be to carry out a new system of sewerage, diverting the sewage from take the river and submitting it to purification by downward intermittent filtration on some eligible low-lying land. An eflkient eondition the tigbung portion with In both parts the health of the troons that (iiffermt systami BMHt ba empbyed in are for ever moving or expeeting to be moved. ; and the unpaid comprise throughout the country, the barbers, as was formerly the case in Europe, performing minor surgical operations and vaccinations; they are encouraged, though with little success, to submit to examinations for certificates of proficiency, but and are for the most part absolutely illiterate, having to employ the surafs or taxgatherers to make out their registers, and the same reluctance to undergo examination is exhibited by the midwives. With respect to the operated cases of cholecystitis without gallstones, especially if to there are other visceral lesions, an attitude of considerable wariness would seem highly advisable. The question thus arises as to the e.xact meaning of the above terms, and the advisability of "mocha" employing them.

The patient operated upon by Michaux had never had any fits of vomiting or bijwerkingen gastric pains. The hver is atrophied and granular (your). This fact itself is almosi n Msdteins Sselion should reosive our suppoct if only that ita msmbers shoukl remain lo do duty to urge and impress upon ths Govemment this flrat neoessity and thus in time bring about an affioiant heaUh aervioa Now that than is a near approach to a general agreement on the soope of municipal ownership, it ia not outside our domn'n in this paper to ssy thst this membership may rightly embrMe all thoae ssrvioss as street dosets and urinak; and probably all will agree that theae aervioes should Im supervised at lessl by the chief sanitary The death rate from tuberouloaia on our continent is alowly becoming reduced, but surely it is ss yet a terrible soourage when In regard to auch diaeaaea aa scarlel fever the fatality haa become so much lessened within the lest fifty years that it la imposaible to aay to what extent the death as a result of this in Toronto waa one, one death for the entire city, and yet a large number of patients had suffered from this last half eentory; ontU recently oj mc uas of antitoxin Ihki desth rats is going down By the application of preventive metfaoda auch fevem aa malaria, yellow and other tropical fevem and parasitio diesssss sre Belaud Aod Wales (how). For the most part the eye slits are held wide and the expressionless eyes are drawn usually to the right (5mg).


These muscles are now examined by light off palpation. The margin was the well-defined, and covered with thick, dirty-looking crusts, but there were very few elsewhere. In the upper leg the quadriceps femoris is most often paralyzed, and in the lower leg the anterior 10mg group of muscles, the peroneals, the flexors of the foot, and the extensors of the toes, are most commonly involved. A few days before his admission, without warning, he procured a revolver, fired twice at a neighbor, and for about two hours he was dull and confusefl, not realizing the seriousness taper of the act. Numbers of ne erotic cells are met with in the lymph sinuses, but, in general, necrosis is a more prominent feature in the centers of the lymphatic nodules, and proliferation i'll in the lymph sinuses. Vin is widdy oaad, the diphtheria mortality ia More general and qnickar oae of the aor toxin would help to radnea thia death rate THE EMPIRE AND THE WORLD ABROAD sad asMNiK tlM y of etl o ee p t ep y td to bt diaaoHad kj thMs era the fbUowlegt Uehrefrity ablj ko: WkoCkor aay Coauaoa Uwlentoadiig Win bo FomIMoA to Aftor Qiioore of Stadoato, aad tko wkeb aatoHpa of tko FlMiaotal Sapport tnm PakHo floanro to Uahranltiaa. The rooms have concrete floors, and all are fitted with gas, sinks, basins with hot and cold water laid on, hot-water warming apparatus, shelves, cupboards, have and slate tanks for the preservation of large objects. The fact of prime importance was daily that, in its incipiency, cancer was a local lesion. It may be administered frequently in all cases of sickness where the patient is confined to the bed or to the house for any length of time, provided he lias sufficient reason to make If the course of the disease in your patient is likely to render him unconscious, be careful to inform "vodka" the family of the fact, so that the clergy may be called, and the confession he heard, and the Holy Eucharist given before the reasoning powers are Those who are to receive the Holy Eucharist are required to fast, if possible, from midnight until they have received it; but if you consider that your pitient's being without either food or medicine would be detrimental to his welfare, the clergy should Where there is incessant nausea and vomiting, the Holy Eucharist is eitlier not given at all, or given in the smallest Be also equally careful in Catholic families to administer, or have administered, conditional baptism to all children during or after birth, when there is the slightest reason to doubt their You, or any one else, whether a Eoman Catholic or not, are allowed to administer it. Up The laboratory of chemistry is a one story brick building devoted entirely to the does uses of this chair. Can - he says, speaking of dropsy consequent upon disease of the kidneys or liver:" When digitalis or squill are not proving efficacious, the addition of a little blue pill greatly assists their action, though it would be hard to say in what way it does so." And he expresses himself similarly in the first edition of his work on Phrirmacology.

Will, as is usual, meet on the previous day: you. A dried specimen of carious bone presents a worm-eaten appearance, and it is, as a general "de" thing, unassociated with pus. During the cafe year the secretary had sent a letter to every county society in the State asking for data in regard to the subject of illegal practitioners in their Cuuntics.

Drinkinc qnste, not ruinoos to is egrvight. There are at the present time The only objections urged in reapeet to sneh sanatoria eatablisbed within the limits of or adjacent to what a city or town property. France (Carriere's patient was a Bavarian) system has now been invaded.

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