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He said that on making the primary examination through the vagina he was struck with the board-like feel, never having felt anything like it (child). He states that the gonococci nearly always take pass into the blood, but rapidly die there unless they can find a place with lessened resistance where they can locate and multiply.

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The objections applicable to some forms of iron gain added importance in this particular class of cases, for the reason that the peculiarities of the disorders under consideration are such as to be greatly aggravated by an improper form Chief dose among these peculiarities is constipation, which is invariably a disturbing factor.


In the fourth case reported, the point of most exquisite tenderness was located nearly an inch below this line, but the short, thick, inflamed with appendix was disengaged from exactly the region diagnosed. "For gonorrhoeal conditions, any of the remedies mentioned for kidney and urinary tract are useful and effective, to which add infusion or oil of sassafras, and flushing both bowels and bladder, "are" the latter with hydrastis and also potassium permanganate. At the proper time in their development they detox come away of themselves.

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