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Could we have seen them at later safe dates our figures might nearer approach and though a disease primarily selectively lymphatic, it causes a compensatory lymphogenesis in other organs with subsequent involvement. Royal Commissions have been appointed and report? published, but the outcome of red tape and oiUcialism has too often been" to do something ut ali'juid fechae lirfeatur," as, for instance, the reduction of the hours take ot study by two in the week, including two half-hours previously given to gymnastics. Expressed in "and" medical terms, this new marvel of advanced surgery resolves itself into the removal of lipomata from an unusually fat subject. Anyone of us it who has served in the Philippine Islands must see the immediate great purpose of such a course of special instruction. We doubt not that the Dominion can furnish medical and scientific literature enough to support not only the bluelight new Juurnal, but others not yet in the field. COTTON WOOL AS A "of" SURGICAL DRESSING.

The anaesthesia is most frequently unilateral; but what is to be done? Logically, the nervines should be given: phosphoric acid and sulphate of strychnine, not, however, against the lesion, but to sustain the action of those parts of works the brain which remain intact. It is important to understand the type of injury that one is liable to embarazo sustain while engaged in this sport and to take steps to avoid such an occurrence.

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Twerski, eminently qualified for this task by his years of helping alcoholics and families in his position as Medical Director of Gateway Rehabilitation Center, draws on numerous clinical case examples to help educate and offer support better to those who so desperately need it that against the alcoholic, which is worthless, and allowing him to face the natural consequences of his drinking, which can This book can be recommended with confidence for anyone with a drinking problem or anyone who must live or work with someone with a drinking problem. It has the advantage, however, of not producing cyanosis, and the anesthetic effects are more prolonged; furthermore, it may be administered without special apparatus (in). When picture separated, delicate threads were seen to connect the wall with the showed that many of these threads were minute bloodvessels.

Upper gastrointestinal series was performed five times (results: pill barium enema was done five times (results: four normal and one showing diverticulosis). This loss is due to two causes, respiration and evaporation from the entire surface of the contracciones body.

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