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The Athenians, says Hyginus the fabulist, alcohol thought so highly of medicine, that they forbade women and slaves to practise it; whereupon many women died through excessive modesty. In an able report Dr Middleton dealt with the subject of malaria in Singapore, the methods which had been adopted elsewhere, and urged that" a comprehensive and well-considered plan of campaign should therefore be prepared and steadilypersevered with, adequate annual appropriations being made for this purpose, both by Government and the Municipality." On his suggestion, I was invited by the Anti-malaria Committee to visit Singapore and advise what should be done in an area which had been selected because it was" known to be malarious, and is not large enough to make supervision difficult." "you" I did so, and in co-operation with Dr Middleton, Dr Finlayson, and Mr Ball, the acting municipal engineer, drew up a scheme which dealt with every half a mile wide in the Telok Blanga district, where the harbour is.

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