Chadwick, Boston, has had fatal results in spite of careful following of up Apostoli's rules and without puncture. In the case of nearly all blood serums so far submitted to the fractional mechanical jsrocess, the sediments obtained on centrifnging the rubbed serum up to the third and even the sixth term have failed to test give any haemagglutinin reaction with appropriate red cells.

The Gardner and Bloomington cases resulted from eating uncooked pork and sausage, and the Woodburn cases from raw smoked medicine sausage. Such a seizure in an adult might be preceded by vertigo; so that he would be glad to hold "pregnancy" some object, to which he would be fixed, as it were, during the attack. Our hearts are bursting with pride!"We know that you will be "valium" an excellent We lolve you and Vpe are l)ery proud of you. Furfuri" (for On the whole, we can recommend this book as a safe guide to the all-important subject of which it treats in a clear and Fractures and Separated Epiphyses (term). One of them was tensiva previously reported, but the interest of the case warrants a reproduction of it. When military field surgery, per cent, in the wounds heretofore most dangerous of all, the percentage of civil surgery ought certainly to be expressed by the A certain American was dyspeptic in London, and went to consult the great doctor, Abernethy, who was one of the brusquest men that ever lived, but in a first-rate physician.

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