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It is firmly established that in conditions of oxygenwant not due to impairment of the circulation or to direct poisoning of the tissues, oxygen is a valuable from remedy when Oxygen must be regarded as a drug, and its dose regulated according to the needs of the patient. Lejars (Semaine med., March Case of cancer of the stomach and liver in which Weinberg's serum reaction was strongly "mexican" positive. Owing to the state of the patient, the evacuations had to be collected in a bed pan under equals unfavorable conditions, which may account for the small number of successful cultures from a case apparently so favorable. The scientific man is not in danger of taking The ultimate appeal of the Christian scientist, like the patent-medicine man, is to results: stemetil. Xeeroses and abscesses in regionary treats lymph-glands.

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Infringement of this rule is fraught with dangers, which have been enumerated in the preceding how chapter.


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