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The separation of peptones from albumin is easily effected by passing the boiling mixture of urine and picric acid through a previously warmed filter: and.

He had eaten a hearty dinner on that day, and drunk drug excessively of ice water, and some time in the night, while attending a patient some five or six miles from the city, he was seized with a severe pain in the right iliac region. The health of the remainder to only lasted for a few weeks.

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As an economic factor, this parasite is confined to the Eastern, statement that" there is hardly a State in the Union that can claim freedom from it among its flocks." The writer has never seen a case in the examination of hundreds of Colorado sheep, and has not even found it recorded from west of Minnesota in the north and Texas in the south, although this is more likely to be due to the parasite being uncommon in in such States as Kansas rather than to its being absent, as it seems unlikely that a parasite with a simple life history would fail to infect at least some small areas in the general east and west shipments of sheep for feeding, breeding, or slaughter. So - robert Committee, who has contributed much of his time and ability to this program, will be the chairman of the liaison committee. Smallpox is, however, the scourge of the Islands, and of which the alcohol people have great dread. The incision was carefully sutured with cat gut, approximating the bone and surrounding soft parts buy as nearly as possible.