Atrophic rhinitis (ozena) is characterized by a sense of dryness difference of smell is impaired, and the patient is weak and anemic. These latter remarks have a special bearing on those cases which apparently have their origin in nasal, ocular, genital, or other sources of irritation; and I refer to them at this point in order tn emphasize the fact that one is must be careful in looking for the cause of this condition to distinguish between convulsions epileptiform in character and those occurring in true epilepsy, as the latter disease, in my opinion, while it may be affected by these causes of irritation, it can never be caused by them.

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The paralysis of the third nerve may at first it be limited to individual branches, but later, and not infrequently early, all branches seem to be equally involved. A limited lesion in the posterior two thirds of the first and second temporal convolutions will be attended by word-deafness and inability to write at to dictation; in more extensive cortical lesions in this region mind-deafness with paraphasia and some disturbances in reading and writing will be added.

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